Giving FAQs


Q: Are there any fees involved with giving online?
Not to you. You will not pay any fees with an online gift. It is, however, more advantageous to the missionary or project you are supporting if your online donation is given via bank draft (direct debit) rather than via a credit or debit card. The missionary or project receives 100% of a bank draft donation. But the missionary is charged 3.5% to cover fees for processing a credit or debit card donation.

Q: What percentage of my gift actually goes to the missionary?
AMI's supporting church covers the overhead costs of the ministry so that the missionary is able to receive 100% of the donation you give.  However, there is a 3.5% fee incurred by the missionary for each gift contributed via credit or debit card.


Recurring Gifts
Q: If I want to set up a recurring gift, what are my options for the frequency of my gift?
Recurring gifts are processed on either the 5th or 20th of the month.  If the date of your recurring contribution falls on a weekend or a holiday, the contribution will be taken from your bank account on the next business day. 

If you submit a new recurring bank draft less than 5 business days before the scheduled bank draft date, that draft will not be taken from your bank account for up to two business days following the 5th or 20th.  For example, if on the 17th of the month you initiate a recurring draft to occur on the 20th of that month, that contribution will not be taken from your bank account until the 21st or 22nd.

Q: How can I change my recurring gift once I have set it up?
Unfortunately, you are not currently able to edit your own recurring gift online. To make any changes to your recurring gift (for example, adding another missionary or project, changing the amount of the gift, changing the bank or credit card information) please contact us at or 254-754-0386. 

Changes must be communicated at least 5 business days before the recurring draft date to be effective for the next draft date.

Q: What happens to my recurring gift when a missionary leaves?
When a missionary’s account is closed, recurring gifts are automatically stopped.  Under normal circumstances, a missionary’s account remains open for one month (for US based staff) or for three months (for international staff) after they leave their post. However, you may stop your recurring gift at any time by contacting us. 


Payment Processing
Q: Can I give to Missionaries, Projects and Impact Trips in the same transaction?
Unfortunately, Missionaries/Staff, Projects and Impact Trips are three distinct categories, and you must enter your payment information separately for each category that you wish to give to. For example, although you can give to multiple missionaries in one transaction, you cannot give to a missionary and a project in the same transaction.

Q: Can I give to more than one Missionary/Staff in the same transaction? 
Yes. After you select the first missionary you want to give to, click ADD DONATION.  You will then have an opportunity to enter another missionary.  If you enter incorrect information, you can click REMOVE to delete the current line.  This process works for both one-time and recurring gifts. 

Q: Can I give to more than one Project in the same transaction? 
Yes. After you select the first project you want to give to, click ADD DONATION.  You will then have an opportunity to enter another project.  If you enter incorrect information, you can click REMOVE to delete the current line.  This process works for both one-time and recurring gifts. 

Q: Can I give to more than one Impact Trip in the same transaction? 
No. You can only give to one impact trip at a time.  This is because you must enter the name of the team member you are supporting separately with each gift.

Q: What types of accounts can I give from?
You can give online from your checking or savings account, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

Q: When will one-time contributions be taken from my account?
You will see credit/debit card transactions posted to your statement on the date that you made the donation.

Contributions made via bank draft will be taken from your bank account within four business days of the date you submitted your donation. This timetable is needed for our finance office to be able to initiate the transaction through your bank and through AMI’s bank.

Q: My credit card was declined. What does this mean and what do I do?
The approval or decline message comes directly from the card issuing bank. As the cardholder, you will need to contact the issuing bank to verify why the card was declined. Cards are declined for various reasons; the most common is an unmatched address.  We do not recommend attempting to run this card again as a hold is put on the funds for three to five business days for the amount of each submitted transaction that is declined.

Q: Is it safe to give online?
Yes. The security of the system is continually managed by AMI’s secure management and merchant processor, Blackbaud Merchant Services. 


Profile Information, Giving History, Tax Statements
Q: Do I have to create a login in order to give?
You do not have to create an account in order to give.  However, creating an account allows you to give in the future without having to enter your personal information again.  With a login you will also be able to edit your personal information and to view your current recurring gifts as well as your historical gifts (both those given online and by mail).

Q: Should every donor in my family create a separate login?
It is only possible to have one User ID per family “giving unit.”  If a second person in your family “giving unit” attempts to create another User ID, you will receive an email informing you of this and requesting that you log in using your original User ID.  If you have lost your User ID, you can use the “Forgotten User ID or Password” link on the website login page to retrieve both your User ID and your password.  However, if you have lost your User ID and also do not know what email address is associated with your User ID so that you may retrieve it, please contact us at or 254-754-0386 and we will be happy to help you.

Q: Will I still receive a year-end contribution statement from AMI?
Yes. We will physically mail to all donors a year-end giving statement which is appropriate to use for tax purposes. This statement will show all gifts for the year, whether given online or otherwise. Please note: The online report generated when you view the giving history tab does not include the wording required by the IRS in order to be used as a tax-deductible statement. If you need a giving statement for tax purposes and do not have one, please contact us. 

Q: Are my gifts tax-deductible?
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. According to IRS guidelines, donations remain under the jurisdiction and control of Antioch Ministries International. Donations are solicited with the understanding that AMI has complete discretion and control over all donated funds. In practice, AMI implements donor instructions whenever possible. In case a gift cannot be used as indicated by the donor, it will be applied to other important functions of AMI.


Other Ways to Give
Q: How do I give by check (or money order)?
Make your check or money order payable to AMI and write the name of the missionary or project you wish to support on the memo line or a separate note. You can mail the contribution to: AMI, 505 N. 20th St, Waco, TX 76707.

Q: Can I give using my bank’s Bill Pay system?
Yes.  When setting up the transaction, indicate AMI as your payee, specify the name of the missionary or project in the account/memo line, and use the following information for the payee address: AMI, 505 N. 20th St., Waco, TX 76707, 254-754-0386. Your bank will send AMI the payment, and we will record it just as if you had written the check yourself.

Q: Can I give a gift of stock?
Yes.  To request information on making a donation of stock, contact us at or call us at 254-754-0386.

Q: How do I make a gift "in memory of" or "in honor of" someone?
We are unable to process tribute donations online, but we are very happy to facilitate this type of gift if you physically mail a check to our office.  When you mail your check, simply give the name of the person who you wish to recognize, and also provide the name and address of the person or persons whom you would like AMI to make aware of this recognition. If there are any other specifications, be sure to provide those also (e.g. do you wish to be named? would you like to share how much was given and to which fund?). If you have any questions related to a tribute gift, please contact us.

Q: What is your refund policy?
By making a charitable donation to Antioch Ministries International, a 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID number 74-2671872, donors understand that charitable donations are not refundable.

If your gift is for an individual participating in a short-term trip, and the individual is unable to attend the trip for any reason, those funds are also not refundable unless the entire trip is cancelled by the organization.

If you have made an error in making your donation (i.e., the amount you entered was incorrect), we will honor your request for a refund made within 15 days of your donation. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment.   


Other Questions
Q: What if the AMI missionary I’m looking for isn’t listed here?
Because of the associated credit and debit card fees, AMI missionaries and staff chose whether to receive online donations or not.  If the person you are looking for isn’t listed here, you can send in a check as described above.

Q: How are AMI missionaries paid?
Antioch Ministries is a faith-based mission in which the majority of its personnel depend on donations for the provision of their paycheck. Each missionary has a team of individuals and churches who partner with them to provide their necessary salary and prayer support, and each worker receives a salary that is determined by their individual ministry and family needs, as well as the standards of living in their part of the world.

Q: Can I give directly to AMI's general fund?
Yes. Since we do not charge an administrative fee to our missionaries, we rely on the funds of AMI's supporting church as well general donations.  Although our supporting church covers a significant portion of the overhead costs, they are unable to cover 100% of the need; therefore, we depend on the Lord to provide the remainder of our operating expenses from other sources. To designate your donation for this purpose, select AMI General Fund when you give your gift.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?
If you have any questions or if we can help you further in any way send an email to or call us at 254-754-0386.


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